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9 Glowing UI elements

I took some time to experiment with gradients to create glowing light effects. I think the result was good.

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Animation for The Thermodo Playoff

I took some time to make a little animation for the The Thermodo Playoff at dribbble.
The following image is a high speed gif version of the animation. See the original animation.

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GoPro – Hero3 camera icon PSD

I just got my Go Pro Hero3 camera and thought that was a good item to make a cool icon out of it.

As always , is completely resizable.

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Dial a Wave toy (psd, html, js)

I have been playing with Photoshop over the weekend to make a freebie for dmonzon.com similar to the previous Minimal Light Interface Freebie . But when I finished with Photoshop  was wondering how cool would be to see the dial and the wave moving , so I gave it a try. After a few hours and with the huge help of Greensock Animation Plataform  I ended up with the following:

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Wacom wheel psd

This freebie is the result of one hour having fun trying to recreate the wheel of my Wacom Intuous 4 tablet. I think the result is pretty good and that it could be a great element for an app UI .

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I just found this experiment that I did a while ago, and looking at it again I think the effect is pretty cool.

So instead of having it there forgotten in a folder I decided to share it with you.

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Plastic Reflector psd

I have done this plastic reflector last week just for fun, it ended been much more work than what I expected.  And I am not completely satisfied. I was going to keep working on it,  but I think that a great idea would be to give the psd and see what would you do to make it better.

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Minimal Light User Interface

This next psd is something I had in mind since I first saw the portable OP-1 synthesizer . I had a lot of fun doing it and I hope you like it too.

You can resize the elements to whatever size you want, because as always is done with paths and shapes.

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Free Check Box / Button

I had some time today to make something I had in mind for some time, a button with a check box. I think it ended looking good.

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Pixel Perfect Blueprint Pattern

This is a simple pixel perfect blueprint pattern.

Download, enjoy and don’t forget to let me know what you think.

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iPhone 5 Keyboard Freebie

If the iPhone 5 rumors about resolution and screen size  are true I would love to see a keyboard like this.
Feel free to download the .psd file and play with it.

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Photoshop Timer Panel CS6

I created this Photoshop Timer Panel based on an idea given by Chris Casey.

It is not as detailed and functional as he and I would have liked,  but I still hope it is useful to track the time you spend on specific files.

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Lock UI Freebie

Check out my latest freebie inspired by the airplane bathroom locks.

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Lamborghini Tachometer Freebie

I started this just for fun, but I am going to make a set of cool tachometers and give it as a freebie. Do you like it?

As always everything is made with shapes and completely editable.

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12 New Photoshop Tools for CS6 (Updated for 13.0.1)

[alert style=”orange”] Updated for Photoshop CS6 Version 13.0.1 x64 [/alert]

Here is the NEW CS6 version of one of the best freebies ever for professional Photoshop users “Trevor Morris Scripts. 

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8 Eight Fabric User Interface Textures

3rd in my series of User Interface textures.

This pack includes 8 large (2560×1440) fabric texture images.

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Sign In Form Free PSD

This is one of the so many ideas that pass they my mind every day. But I though this one was good enough to share it with you.

I wanted to mix a minimal layout with textured surfaces and I really like how it came out.

As alway everything is completely editable, even the pattern.

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Directional Gradient Along Path

This is how I managed to make a “directional gradient along a path” with illustrator CS5.

It looks like this is solved with Illustrator CS6. Check out the following video.

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8 More Textures for Professional User Interface Designers

After so many downloads of my previous freebie “10 Must Have Textures for Professional User Interface Designers” I decided to make and give away another beautiful pack of textures for interface designers.

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3 progress bars – Photoshop CS6 Freebie

This is the first Adobe Photoshop CS6 freebie I made. I used the new and  very useful  “add styles to groups” feature.

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HTML 5 Shield Logo in 3D – Free PSD

Today I am giving away a HTML Logo in 3D , but made completely in Adobe Photoshop.

I bet you can also find the 3d stage useful.

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Photoshop Pen Panel

I am sure this little & simple panel will save time to some of you when working with the pen tool.

Please feel free to download it.

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Carved Wood Panel – PSD

Not long ago I used to make stuff like this on a CNC machine for hobby.

But I made this carved wood panel in Photoshop and using only 3 Layers and a few styles.

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Lead Text Effect

Lead Text Effect – PSD File

In one of my previous freebies “10 Must Have Textures for Professional User Interface Designers” I gave away some cool textures. Todays  .PSD is to show you how you can use those textures.

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12 New Photoshop Tools

If you are using Adobe Photoshop CS6 download the CS6 version of the plugin from here.

Today I am giving away the coolest freebie ever. It is a plugin called “Trevor Morris Scripts. It is a photoshop panel with twelve incredibly useful tools that I use on a daily basis.
I want to specially thank Trevor Morris for letting me use his scripts for making this photoshop panel. Please check his website for more information about the scripts and more interesting  photoshop stuff.

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Free iOS Music Player PSD

This time the freebie is a little different. It’s a unique,  app design.You can use it to make a native application or even a web application using jQuery Mobile, Html, Flash, or any other developing tool. As always, all psd are pixel-perfect, editable and made with paths. You can even resize them to 200%, and you will still get a pixel-perfect design ready to be used on an iPhone retina display.

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Fully Functioning Jog Wheel – a file for app designers and developers

I love tutorials, but most of all I love to take files apart to find design solutions. I believe that this is the most effective way to learn.

If you are like me, you’re going to have fun breaking this file into peaces to see how it’s made.

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10 Must Have Textures for Professional User Interface Designers

Today I am giving away a pack of invaluable textures that I use myself everyday to make textured surfaces on apps.
This pack includes 10 large (2560×1440) images that range from fabrics to metals.

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The Dribbble giveaway results

The submissions were really impressive. It was hard to choose our favorites.

I want to thank @meisso_jarno, @Cazoobi and @Pixelcloth for joining me and making possible this great Dribbble invite giveaway.

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Elevator #2

This is something I saw in an elevator and thought it would be great to reproduce. Download the PSD, have fun with it and feel free to make the missing numbers.

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